Chris Sparks’ 1st Album Reissue



I currently have my second album finished with 2 more albums tracked. The 3rd and 4th albums need background vocals, mixing & mastering. I’m also in the process of writing a little more for the 4th album along with all new songs for the 5th album which I plan to record in 2019.


I have created hundreds of pieces of art in the past several years. It is all abstract art focused on color & motion. We are releasing special edition album covers using my art. We will release signed & numbered limited edition pieces. But, we also have it licensed on over 50,000 products including apparel. 


The new Chris Sparks Fan Clubs will be located on some of your favorite sites. So wherever you like to socialize, I will be there. But, we are also opening some new locations who have a cool new setup you might enjoy. And, we’ll have a central place where you can learn everything as soon as we know.


And most of exciting of all is an elaborate internet quest we have built that lets you learn about all the new things I have created. But, it also allows you to win some of these things along the way. It will be a great way for us to all have a little fun & socialize.


As do we all, I have many loved ones, friends & family, who are fighting personal battles right now. Currently, many are fighting cancer. My dedication to you all is that I will live each day creating something new & doing what I love in appreciation that I have that day & ability to do so. I love you all & hope you feel 100% very soon.